The Hogfoot Softail Center Stand


The 'Hogfoot' is the first center stand for the Harley-Davidson Softails with rear air ride. This stand is  adjustable in width to fit 2017 and earlier models. Also adjustable in height to accommodate different wheel sizes.


Pull up, air down, and walk away...


"Stand" Out from the crowd!

Stance is so very important. When you walk away from your bike it is what you see, and when people walk up it is what they see. When you're at a show, a dealership, or your favorite watering hole in a sea of bikes leaned over, your bike stands out because it's straight up. Nothing like pulling up and deploying your stand, airing down, getting off your bike, and its standing straight up - its the cool factor! It is also practical when it comes to cleaning, servicing, or storing your bike. It takes up less space in your garage. Made of high quality materials right here in the USA!


Requirements for the use of this center stand:

• Must be a Harley Davidson softail

• Must be 2017 or earlier models ( does not fit Rocker or Breakout)

• Must have rear air ride

• Stands for dual and fishtail exhaust available


Get yours Now! Limited quantity available!

The Hogfoot

Limited Quantity available!